Orchids are native to tropical rainforests, but with just a little TLC you can enjoy their magnificent beauty in your own home. Here are some tips…

 Keep your orchid indoors in a bright place but out of direct sunlight.

  • Don’t water your orchid very often (about once every 7 – 10 days); rather allow it to completely dry out each time. You’ll know when it has become dry and in need of water when the roots turn silvery grey.

  • When you do water your orchid, use water that has been allowed to sit out for several hours, or even days, as this gets rid of the chlorine.

  • When watering, drench the roots but allow the water to drain out completely so the plant is not left sitting in liquid.

  • Orchids need their own specific food, which should be used every time you water it whilst it is in flower.

  • When the orchid has stopped flowering, cut back the stems to the first ‘node’. Leave the plant to ‘rest’ for a month or two, but continue to water (don’t feed during this resting stage)

  • To re-activate the orchid and encourage it to flower again, start feeding it again, with an initial feed of double the concentration you would usually use.

  • The orchid will either send up a totally new flower stem, or will send out a shoot from the point at which you cut the last one off.

  • Remember: orchids need specific feed and compost.