Olives are very easy to care for as long as you follow a few simple rules.

As with any plant, shrub or tree, think about what conditions they thrive in naturally and try to emulate those conditions.

Olives need a sunny open site – South, South West, or West facing. 

They need to be planted in free draining soil – John Innes 2 is ideal.

If going into a pot, ensure the pot has plenty of drainage holes at the base, and put a layer of crock (broken pots or crockery) at the bottom of the pot, then a layer of grit or gravel, prior to the John Innes 2.

If planting into the ground, ensure you dig a planting hole at least twice the depth and width of the pot the tree is in, and put a good layer of crock, rubble or stones at the bottom.

Plant the Olive and firmly press the soil around the root ball. 

Drench with water.

Once planted, your Olive will require minimum care. Water infrequently, but when you do so, drench it. It is better to give it a really good soak once every two to three weeks rather than little and often (you’ll know you’re watering too infrequently if the leaves start to feel dry and curl at the edges. If this happens, drench immediately).

In early spring prune your Olive tree to encourage new bushy growth. You can do this quite severely, and will be amazed at how much growth develops over the next few months.

Feed infrequently during the growing season (March – September) with a dilute seaweed feed.