What we offer

Many of our display tables are laid out as if they were borders, with beautiful and inspiring plant combinations for you to replicate at home. Plants that thrive in certain conditions are grouped to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. If all you have is a window box or balcony, you’ll be surprised at how much choice there is.

We go to great lengths to ensure you can confidently choose the right plant for your space and if it’s not immediately clear, you can always ask for some advice.

You’ll find all the necessary sundries, tools, composts and fertilizers for your garden. You might also find some new and unexpected ethical surprises in our gift selection too.

As the plants we have in stock changes from week to week, we simply can’t keep this site up-to-date with what is currently available, but below you’ll find an overview.

Close-up of a single helenium

Plant stock


We source from small UK growers wherever possible, and have gained a reputation for having a wide range of interesting herbaceous stock, which can surprise and delight even professional gardeners. Being UK grown, you can be sure that they will be happy when planted into your garden.

Close-up of a pink cyclamen
Close-up of a dark leaved heuchera with dew
Close-up of an orange echinacea flower


We always have a wide range of shrubs in stock, including year round stalwarts such as Viburnum Tinus, Euonymus and Laurus Nobilis (Bay), as well as seasonally changing shrubs such as Azaleas, Magnolias and Camellias. We relish finding unusual and surprising shrubs like Edgeworthia, Euonuymus alatus and Cornus kousa and florida.  From small hedging shrubs to large shrubs with which to screen out a nasty view, we try to ensure we have just what you need.

Round buxus in a line in pots


There’s something wonderful about picking fresh herbs to add to your salads, meals and drinks. During the spring and summer we have an extensive selection of herbs. We get as many UK grown herbs as possible, from indepdendent growers or a cooperative of growers on the south coast. The small 9cm pots are ideal for keeping on a handy windowsill in your kitchen, or to plant into a mixed herb bed or pot.

Close up of French lavendar


We stock a glorious selection of shrub and climbing roses.  Many are fragrant, repeat flowering and disease resistant and are available in a wide spectrum of gorgeous colours and varieties.

Roses are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways in the garden – in borders or containers, over trellises and pergolas and to cover unsightly features such as sheds.

We are always happy to give advice on choosing the right rose for the right place, how to plant and how to look after your new rose.

David Austin rose red
David Austin rose yellow
David Austin rose pink

Trees, fruit and vegetables


We normally have a good array of trees in stock, including Sorbus, Robinia and Betula (Birch), as well as seasonal variations, such as ornamental cherries (Prunus), and Magnolia.

You’ll find a variety of standard trees in stock, including Bay, Ligustrum and Photinias; so whether you want to add punctuation points to the back garden or formality to the front, you’ll find something to suit your needs here.

Sun through the auburn leaves of a beech tree


Our fruit trees come from small independent UK growers and include apples, pears, plums, cherries, figs and more. We have small patio varieties as well as bushes and espaliers.

White pink blossom on full bloom
Large ripe orange pippin apples
Olive branch with flakey bark in dappled light


Once the weather allows in the spring, we stock a range of young vegetable plants ready to be planted straight out into beds or pots. In early spring we stock a range of soft fruit, including Gooseberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry and Rhubarb as well as several varieties of Strawberry.

House plants

The range of plants changes throughout the year, but will always include a selection to cater for any space in your home. From small foliage plants for shady spots, or succulents for south facing windows, to trailing specimens to cascade down shelving. We always strive to have a few large feature specimens in stock too.

Among our regulars are Asparagus ferns, String of Pearls, varieties of Scindapsus, Peace Lily, Calathea and Sansevieria. Larger specimens include Cheese Plants, Ficus and Palms. We often have a small selection of more specialist care plants such as carnivorous, bonsai and air plants.

We stock houseplant compost and chemicals. This includes growing medium for leafy green houseplants, cacti, succulents, citrus and orchids, along with horticultural grit, vermiculite and perlite. Specialist liquid feeds for orchids and cacti are just some of the chemicals available.

Houseplants need to be shown off in the perfect container and our assortment of indoor pots shouldn’t disappoint. We have everything from classic to handmade ceramics as well as a selection of one-off vintage pieces and eco pots.

A trolley filled with house plants



We stock a selection of good quality tools from Burgon & Ball (made in the UK), along with amazing Japanese secateurs and shears from Niwaki.


You’ll find a great choice of pots here – everything from simple terracotta or glazed pots to wonderful quality frost proof Yorkshire Pots with a 50 year guarantee! Also available are a range of window boxes including resin and zinc metal.

We have some unique hand-made artisan Goicoechea pots; handmade in the Basque County from natural clays, these will develop an attractive patina as they age adding a striking feature to your garden.

We also sell a variety of value terracotta and grey terracotta pots from Apta, as well as fibreglass troughs and planters from Naylor and simple plastic and metal effect plastic pots, window boxes and troughs from Stewart.

Wide-angle of a shop interior filled with house plants, soil, sundries etc.
A collection of plant feeds amongst some house plants
Spades, shovels, sheers and other tools
Two stacks of terracotta pots in the shade


We stock a range of what we regard as the best fertilizers available, the core being the excellent Maxicrop range of organic fertilizers, made from sustainably harvested seaweed.


We stock an essential product range which includes slug killers, insect and fungus fighters, as well as systemic weed killers.

We encourage the use of alternative natural products; copper barrier tape for slugs, Slug Gone wool pellets and the wonderful Marius Fabre olive oil black soap for aphids and blackfly, to name a few.

Compost, mulch and turf


We are pleased to have reached our goal of selling an almost totally peat-free range of composts, predominantly from the excellent Melcourt range, featuring Sylvagrow at its heart.

This range is RHS endorsed and includes Soil Association approved Organic Compost. We also stock the wonderful Dalefoot Wool based composts, including Claybuster – which does what it says on the packet. A great way to help break up our clay-based London soil.


Alongside well-rotted Farmyard Manure and Ornamental Bark Chippings we have the excellent straw based mulch ‘Strulch’ (as used at the Eden Project), as well as ‘Shell on Earth’ – ground whelk shells which form an attractive top layer, and deter slugs and snails.


You can order top quality seed grown turf for delivery direct to you from our supplier. Minimum order of 10 rolls. Please phone for further details.

Furniture and fire bowls


You’ll find a small selection of painted metal table and chair sets in a range of neutral colours; all the furniture is lightweight and collapsible for easy winter storage. 


Our firebowls come from Kadai. We’re convinced you won’t find a more beautiful yet practical and versatile fire pit out there! They come in three sizes and are handmade from recycled oil drums. Each bowl comes with bbq grills allowing you to cook a meal then later in the evening lift the grills, add wood and sit around a lovely fire late into the evening.

A black domed fire bowl suspended on a tripod


During winter we stock a range of firewood from The Green Olive Firewood Company; kiln-dried UK hardwood and beautiful olive wood both burn ‘cleanly’ as they have a less than 20% moisture content. The olive wood has the added bonus of a wonderful aroma. In the summer we also sell Green Olive’s range of charcoal – both lumpwood and briquettes. It’s restaurant grade quality, and burns beautifully.


Clearly the very nature of a garden centre is ‘seasonal’, but a few things need highlighting. At the start of the year we have a range of bulbs growing in pots – Snowdrops, English Bluebells, Scilla, Narcissi, Crocus, Tulips and more. 

Once spring properly arrives, you can buy strips of young vegetable plants – very handy if you forgot to sow seed or if you have had a failure in germination.

Late spring and summer bring an abundance of plants in every shape and form. You will truly be amazed at the range we sell.

Autumn brings dramatic colour – and not just from the trees in stock, but also from the many herbaceous plants, such as Heuchera, which carry autumnal colours.

Winter heralds dramatic shapes, and the beauty of bare stems – ethereal silver birch, twisted hazel and much more.

Christmas is always a feast for the senses here. Not to be missed.

A pine wreath with wine ribbon on a lilac door
Close-up of berried holly
Winter decorations in a pot
Pine needles on a christmas tree


Our small shop contains a range of carefully chosen, high quality, design-led gifts. Scented candles, ethical and fair trade items for the home, contemporary picture frames, hand thrown porcelain pieces, hand washes and creams, and also more utilitarian items such as table top compost buckets and garden thermometers.

A row of True Grace scented candles
A fat ball sits on a wrought iron bird feeder
Tall white candles sticks in front of fretwork vases
Selection of handmade bowls, cups and jugs
Close up of a house for insects
Row of brightly coloured balls of jute


An extensive bird food range is at the core of our wildlife section, along with feeders, nesting boxes and insect houses. (We even have squirrel proof feeders that really work.) The range of feeds include high calorie mixes to get our feathered friends through winter, as well as Niger Seeds to attract Goldfinches.


We sell gift vouchers which can only be redeemed here at Alleyn Park Garden Centre. They come in denominations of £5, £10 or £20 and are valid for 12 months. If you would like to purchase some, please phone us. We can either post them to you or directly to the recipient.