Camellias are very robust plants, and will thrive with little maintenance as long as you follow a few simple rules:

  • Position your Camellia in a place that does NOT get the early morning sun. This is because the newly formed buds can often get frozen overnight in cold weather, and if they “defrost” too quickly in the morning sun, they will scorch and turn brown.

  • Camellias prefer slightly acidic soil. Whilst they will happily adapt to our neutral London soil, when you first plant your Camellia make sure you incorporate some ericaceous compost in the planting hole.

  • This also means that they should be fed with sequestered iron, or an appropriate alternative for acid loving plants.

  • It is vital that you water your Camellia well during the summer months, when the flower buds are forming for the following year. Lack of water during this time is the cause of “bud drop” the following year, which is very disappointing!

  • Camellias do not need to be pruned, but if you need to improve their shape or contain their size, then do so immediately after they have flowered.