What to expect

With the continuing need to take careful precautions to remain Covid secure, we are doing the following:

  • Handles of baskets and trolleys are disinfected after every use by a member of the team.
  • Masks or visors are worn by the team when in the shop and houseplant shed and when speaking with customers.
  • Areas of regular use are disinfected throughout and at the end of each day.
  • The houseplant area which has very restricted space, has a strict one-way system in place, with limited numbers allowed in at any one time.

We are operating with strict guidance in place. We know this may cause some frustration at times, but these ‘rules’ are there for good reason, and we ask that you adhere to them.

We dislike having to be so prescriptive, as we’re sure you will naturally be careful and respectful, but trust you understand that it is necessary to spell these out for absolute clarity.

  • We can only accommodate a limited number of people on site at any one time. This inevitably means you may need to queue outside before you can enter, but we know you’ll understand and appreciate why this is necessary. If you have a party trick you can entertain your fellow customers with while you wait, please feel free to do so!
  • Maintain a 2m distance from others. The guidance remains that a 2m gap should be observed wherever possible, so please don’t be offended if members of the team ask you to step back – bear in mind that they will be in contact with many, many people during the course of each day and need to feel safe doing so.
  • Wherever possible only two household members should visit at a time. We have always loved the fact that the garden centre is a place our customers enjoy coming to with friends and family, but during these strange times, we ask that only two people from each household visit at a time unless that genuinely isn’t possible. If you have to bring a child with you, please make sure they remain by your side at all times. Of course wheelchair users, or others who have a carer with them, will be welcome as always.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival. There is hand sanitiser available to use just as you enter the garden centre, which we ask you to use on arrival. There is also one by each of the tills, so if you have to touch the terminal to tap in your pin number, please sanitise your hands before doing so.
  • Follow the one way system. The route is clearly marked out, taking you past all accessible areas of the centre. If you realise you’ve gone past something you want, you’ll have to go round again, I’m afraid, but won’t have to queue again to do so.
  • Limited access to houseplant shed. Only 3 customers at a time, please, in the houseplant shed, which is quite narrow, and please don’t try to pass the customer in front.
  • Bring a list! We want you to enjoy your time at the garden centre, but please remember that others may be waiting to get in, and shop accordingly.
  • Be aware of other customers. If an instance arises where you need to go past someone, please do so carefully and be respectful of their space. Or just wait for them to move on.
  • Avoid touching items unless you intend to buy them. Our tables and display units have been set up to allow easy access to each plant. There will be staff on hand to help you with larger items.
  • Wear a mask. Please protect yourselves and others by wearing a mask inside the shop and houseplant shed, also when speaking to staff outside.