Spring 2024

Alleyn Park Muscari

At the garden centre we are all eagerly anticipating the new spring season and if you haven’t already been out into your garden, now is a great time as you should have time to clear away leaves and any dead plants from winter. This allows for better air circulation and also prevents pests and diseases from spreading. Any cracked pots can be broken up and used for crocks; repot plants as soon as possible. Also repair or replace any structures such as fences and trellises before plant growth makes this more difficult.

It’s always a good idea to spread some organic matter around your beds; London clay is notoriously difficult to manage. If you do this every year you will really notice the difference when you are planting; the plants will really thank you for your labour! It also helps to keep the weeds at bay but do make sure you weed these areas before you spread mulch over the top.

Prune shrubs, trees and perennials – remove dead, damaged or diseased branches and think about the shape you want the plants to be. Look at the Plant Care section on our website for more specific advice.

Encouraging birds into your garden with a nesting box and feeders is a good way to keep down slugs and snails and other pests that the birds find delicious!

Some highlights in the garden centre in March:

Alleyn Park Roses

Roses – we have just had our first delivery from David Austin, a gorgeous selection of shrub roses and climbers/ramblers in many beautiful colours, and all of them are splendidly scented. If you need advice on which variety to choose please do come and ask us.

Alleyn Park Fruit Trees
Alleyn Park Grapes

We have some lovely patio fruit trees which are great for gardens, either in a border or a large pot. The blueberries and grapevines have also arrived; remember that blueberries need ericaceous compost. With the hot summers are now experiencing, your grapevine will be producing lovely bunches of grapes very quickly.

Alleyn Park Tulips
Alleyn Park Pansies

If you didn’t have time to plants bulbs last year, don’t despair – we have pots of bulbs such as these glorious tulips that will burst into colour in spring. Pansies, violas and primroses are looking fabulous at the moment and will give your pots a colourful and inexpensive lift.

Alleyn Park Lavender
Alleyn Park Wisteria

We have some really beautiful english Lavender ‘Vera’ arriving soon – this has a gorgeously strong-scented greyish leaf; so perfect for a sunny spot in the garden, whether in a border or in pots. Also loving the sun is Wisteria which we will have in five varieties; they are about 6 ft high at the moment so a really good size to start off with.

Alleyn Park Hellebore
Alleyn Park Flowers

Herbaceous perennials are only just starting to arrive, see these beautiful pink hellebores above – and do remember that if there’s something you really want that we don’t have, come and ask us and we can usually order it in for you. We have a range of metal rusty plant supports – arrange them around your plants before they grow too much and then later you won’t see the support, just the plant. Now is a great time to choose seeds if you haven’t already. There is plenty that you can start now, especially if you have some indoor space for the trays or pots. Try starting a small cutting garden area or grow some in containers and then you can display your own flowers all through the summer.

Alleyn Park Houseplants

We have some brilliant new UK houseplant suppliers this year so do come and see what’s on offer. It’s a good time to see if any of your plants at home need repotting; our shed is full of new indoor pots at the moment. You can start to feed your plants again in March or April as this is when fast active growth begins. Always water thoroughly before you fertilize and never give the plants more than the recommended dose!

Alleyn Park Candles
Alleyn Park Glass Ware

Our shop is full of new stock for spring – jewel-like glassware, scented candles in ceramic pots that you can reuse for tealights or small plants and a range of incense sticks and cones in mini buildings! Some great gift ideas.

Alleyn Park Chocolates

We’ll have ready-made baskets available for Mother’s Day; you could also tuck one of these delightful mini boxes of chocolates into the basket for an extra treat (the chocolates are made by a small company in Wales). Garden centre vouchers are also great to give to keen gardeners on Mother’s Day.

Lastly, please remember that we deliver within our local area for a £10 charge (minimum spend of £100). Please call us to discuss any other needs you may have.


We look forward to welcoming you to the garden centre soon.

Robby and the Team


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